Imagine A World…
…where you see a pothole and take direct action, now.

PotholeCoin is a deceptively simple concept:
“See potholes, stake bounties -> fix potholes, earn bounties.”

A new paradigm for empowering individuals and communities
to effect positive change in their surroundings.


PotholeCoin has been chosen as one of the industry’s newest and
brightest companies to be a part of the Money20/20 USA Startup Academy.

How does PotholeCoin help fund repairs?

• Users download the free PotholeCoin app and connect their PayPal account for funding repair bounties.
• When a person sees a pothole they can use the app to tag the location and place a bounty for the repair (for example $10).
• Once the collective bounties are sufficient to fund the repair (for example $300) PotholeCoin engages authorized parties to complete the repairs.
• The repair is reported to PotholeCoin as complete.
• PotholeCoin verifies the work and pays the bounty to the authorized party.


Tag the Pothole (GPS)


Stake a bounty


Incentivized repair teams respond

In a World full of problems,
PotholeCoin is one solution.

The United States extracts significant tax revenue from its population while often failing to deliver basic infrastructure services.  Many roadways are in poor repair; paying increasing taxes over time has no apparent effect.  How can individuals in a community engage in resolving this problem?

PotholeCoin is a decentralized network with a companion smartphone app that tags a pothole and stakes a bounty while others tag and stake the same pothole.  The collective bounties incentivize the repair.

If the PotholeCoin concept interests you please consider joining our community. Our mailing list will keep you informed and our development team would welcome your skills or just say hello and let us know what you think!

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