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Imagine A World…where you hit a pothole and instead of feeling frustrated and powerless you take direct action, now.

PotholeCoin is a deceptively simple concept:
“See potholes, stake bounties -> fix potholes, earn bounties.”

A new paradigm for empowering individuals and communities
to effect positive change in their surroundings.

PotholeCoin has been chosen as one of the industry’s newest and
brightest companies to be a part of the Money20/20 USA Startup Academy.

PotholeCoin in Action

How it works

An intelligent combination of community crowdsourcing, smartphone apps, digital tokens, and automation through distributed smart contract technology makes this vision entirely achievable today.


Tag the Pothole (GPS)


Stake a bounty


Incentivized repair teams respond

Potholes are the problem. PotholeCoin is the solution.

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